Compass Youth and Family Services provides an array of services along the therapeutic continuum all designed to intervene at the lowest level of care necessary to prevent further disruption or disturbance to families and to improve quality of life. 

Intensive In-Home (IIH) is a program designed to wrap-around a child and their family in crisis to bring stability and maintain the child in the home environment.  This program is a stabilization and preventative service focused on children or adolescents who are at –risk to be removed from their home environment.
Mental Health Support (MHS) is an intensive, home-based service that is designed to assist the client in obtaining independence or stability within the community. The program is available to older adolescents and adults who have long term mental health needs, cognitive deficiencies or dual diagnoses.
Connections: Autism Behavior Support Program provides home based behavior treatment services for children and adolescents under the age of 21 who demonstrate significant impairment in adaptive functioning that is related to either developmental delays or other health conditions.
Outpatient Services are designed to provide therapeutic interventions to individuals who feel the need to address emotional, behavioral and psychological concerns. The focus of outpatient psychotherapy is to improve an individual’s well-being and functioning.  
Psychological Testing allows for the assessment of emotional, behavioral and intellectual functioning; it offers a way to measure traits, believes, abilities and identify individual’s strength and weaknesses.